Memory Controller SoCs

IDC and Seagate published a paper in April 2017 (Data Age 2025), which claims that 16.1 ZB (ZetaBytes) of data was generated worldwide in 2016 and predicts that the global datasphere would grow by an order of magnitude to 163 ZB by 2025. 

This explosion of data requires real-time processing and low latency needed to process it – and is driving the increasing demand for high-performance memory controllers.  These SoCs are space constrained and typically require more than 20 independent voltage rails supplied to the chip.  The power solutions can be larger than the SoC itself, are expensive and are very difficult to route and deliver the needed power integrity to meet the performance required.

There is a better way. Design the SoC with Your Inner Power: Empower R2DTM integrated voltage regulators (IVR) eliminate wasted PCB space, spaghetti routing and poor power signal integrity.   Achieve lower cost, smaller size, lower EMI, and very high system efficiency with Empower.

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